About me

My name is Maureen Johnstone and I have been a creator for many decades. I retired from a career in Nursing some time ago with a clinical specialty in mental health/addictions/geriatric care.   I have been awarded in both my academic and art careers many times over.

Courting Moonlight design studio has been a physical teaching space and gallery historically but it is now a personal creative space where my work evolves and grows at it's own pace and rhythm.

I have always treasured the time I spend creating and teaching others to find their personal artists' voice.  My current inspiration comes from the colour and texture in textiles, tapestry and handwoven explorations, but I move freely into wearable bead/ art embroidery, bead weaving on a loom and abstract archival ink drawing excursions from time to time.

I enjoy the journey and trust you will as well.

Contact email: courtingmoonlight10@gmail.com