Winter February 5-2021


Covid 19 continues here in Canada, and we are under a strict lockdown still awaiting availability of the vaccine. Like everyone worldwide, I am sheltering in place avoiding physical contact, wearing my mask when out in the world by necessity and keeping up relationships by Zoom/Facetime/Messenger visiting with my friends, family and colleagues. 

I have been quite active on the home front however, with my little dog who stays with me every other month and visits his other master in between. 

I am getting accustomed to working with a new small rigid heddle loom for sampling, and have a large new tapestry loom on order for delivery soon.  I have pulled out and organized my yarn supply and begun the process of filling in the gaps in my stash.  The spinning wheel will likely come out of storage shortly as will the dye pot. So far since January two scarves have come off the small loom.  One was woven from 100% cotton and will be great for Spring wear.

While on Zoom this week with my fellow artists I was asked about a beaded necklace I was wearing, one of my own designs.  On their request I wrote up and sent out the pattern to the group.

Today I am working on rebuilding my website into an E-Commerce format.  I will need to reload past and current images from my IPad. At least that's the plan for the weekend.  'Til next time.