February 25,2020 Tapestry samples for larger project

It is incredibly sunny although but still pretty cold (34 degrees F) in London. I have been working out the details for a special project for my zoom buddies.  I can’t post anything concrete as yet, (secret) )but my creative circle have given me their favourite colours, and their wrist size.  

I have been experimenting with tapestry designs in a small format, and have found a great way to store my cottolin fibers for design purposes so I can view all of my colours at a glance instead of tucking them into storage. I will add a photo of this storage idea to this post for clarity.

I really enjoy working with interesting fibre, having spent part of my life raising angora rabbits, and belonging to groups with other artists who raised various fibre animals: sheep, goats, camel, and alpaca, I have had access to many choices of supply. Most of that is in storage right now, ready to be spun into custom singles.  

For whatever reason however, I seem to be drawn to miniature tapestry excursions at the moment,  but I am still relaxing with my big tapestry loom for a few hours each day. 

I am debating whether or not to refresh my skills by taking an online course in tapestry weaving. The more I practise, however, the more my skills return. I may wait for a few weeks before I decide.

That’s all for this time.