• Better weather

    I have been enjoying the opportunity to get out for riverside walks now that the temperature is in the high teens. I find peace and solace by the s...
  • February 25,2020 Tapestry samples for larger project

    Miniature tapestry excursions, fibre storage solution, and more.
  • Four selvage weaving: warp set up

    Setting up a 4 selvage warp.
  • Back to weaving and tapestry techniques

    Hatband and projects pending.
  • Inspiration

    I have many different sources of inspiration for my work.  Imagery, colours, songs, conversation, living in the moment with chai tea.....
  • Winter February 5-2021

      Covid 19 continues here in Canada, and we are under a strict lockdown still awaiting availability of the vaccine. Like everyone worldwide, I am s...